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The way some agencies blab on about their “strategic marketing development”, you’d think that each one possesses a crystal ball that can magically define a business problem and offer a “breakthrough” solution. Usually, after countless meetings and schmoozings, the breakthrough solution is an ad. Yippee.

We admit it. We make ads, too. In fact, our countless awards would argue that we create some of the best ads around. But we don’t just look at ads as a solution. In fact, we don’t suggest anything until we’ve studied your entire business model, isolated the marketing challenge and determined the best path to meet your objectives.

Granted, sometimes that calls for an ad. Sometimes it calls for a non-media solution. Sometimes it calls for a new way of operating your business. But rather than trying to wow you with a bunch of agency mumbo-jumbo, we’d rather spend our time analyzing your business and developing creative marketing solutions that produce real results.

Of course, if you really want schmoozing, we can do that, too.

By the way, have you lost weight?