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Who We Are

Large advertising agencies are like onions. They consist of layer upon layer of expensive people you probably never see. Oftentimes, you are charged for their services whether you want them or not. And just like an onion, it stinks.

We know. After all, we came from some of those very same agencies, developing work for some of the largest and most well-respected brands in the world. Companies like Nike, Hilton, Disney, Intel, Revlon and Uncle Schnerdly’s Pancake Emporium* But the truth is, unless you have an enormous marketing budget to play with at a large agency, you become the little fish in the big pond paying the big pond fees. And just like 3-day old sushi, it stinks too.

So we saw an opportunity to extract the smartest brains of a large multi-national agency and put them into a smaller, more nimble entity. The result? An agency that thinks big, but acts small. (MUSIC BUILDS) An agency focused on performance rather than pretense. (MUSIC SWELLS) An agency built on the principle that it’s better to out-think your competition than out-spend them. (MUSIC CRESCENDOS; AUDIENCE ERUPTS IN THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE.)

*Uncle Schnerdly’s Pancake Emporium is not one of the world’s most well-respected brands. Try their all-you-can-eat Belt Buster breakfast buffet, just $7.99